Fertiliser products that consist of organic matter such as Dinofert, play an important role in the formation of fertile soil. Organic matter is a natural source of plant nutrients which promotes a more active and larger microbial soil population. An increased population of soil organisms leads to more nitrogen in the soil and as a result improves the plant's nutrient uptake.


Organic material also provides the food source for soil organisms, such as worms, fungi and beneficial bacteria. These in turn provide a significant number of positive changes to soil structure and fertility of the soil. For example, these organisms aid in the breakdown of organic matter into humus, which acts by “gluing” the soil particles together and stabilising the soil, offering protection against the environmental impacts of wind and water erosion.


The addition of organic matter to your garden usually increases the water absorption and retention of the soil. Organic matter can hold up to 20 times their weight in water and as a consequence less watering is needed for your plants. This stands contrary to the long term use of inorganic fertilisers which have a tendency to  cause precious water to leach out of the soil.


Organic matter and in particular Dinofert fertilisers, contains readily available trace elements. All essential elements are of equal importance and while plants may require only a minimum amount of trace elements, these trace elements must be available for healthy plant growth.