Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a form of maize that is a fast growing, annual plant which has a high sugar content in its kernels. Sweet corn can reach heights of 1.5 – 2 metres and requires a reasonable amount of growing space in the garden.

  • Plant & Growing Tips:

    The site must have well drained soil and be rich in organic matter.
    It is a warm season crop that requires an average temperature of 16°C to 24°C. In subtropical and tropical regions, sweet corn is planted during September, whereas in temperate and cool areas the sowing of seed is delayed until December.

    Sweet corn needs to be planted in a site that is open with plenty of sunshine.

    Sweet corn should not be subject to strong winds as the plants have shallow roots and could be knocked over if not placed in a wind protected area.

    Earth up around stems or stake plants to give them additional support if in areas that receives wind.

    Sweet corn provides adequate shade for sun sensitive crops.

    Plants are susceptible to frost so ensure plantings are done after the last frost date to prevent loss of crops.

    It is also an ideal crop to follow legumes in crop rotation and can benefit from nitrogen residual left in the soil by the legumes.

    For gardeners or farmers limited with space, you can sow climbing beans next to corn so they will climb up the corn plants.

    If you choose to sow directly into the ground instead, you should wait until the daytime soil temperature reaches 15°C.

    Because sweet corn is pollinated by the wind, it is best grown close together in a block rather than singly or spaced along rows.

    Sow the seeds directly into the garden at a depth of 2.5cm, 20cm apart within rows and 1m between the rows.

  • Fertiliser Applications:

    Stage: Pre Plant

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: ½ cup (100-150g)/m²

    Commercial Use: Up to 1.5kg/10m row

    Comments: Apply 20 – 40mm below and to the side of the seed as a band at sowing.


    Stage: Side Dress 

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: ½-¾ cup (80-140g)/m²

    Commercial Use: 1 - 2kg/10m row

    Comments: Apply Dino-Fert Plus ‘Combo’ when plants are 250-300mm high. If plants look yellowish or excessive rains occur, after this - apply again.


Please note that the above information and recommendations are provided in good faith and are given without liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of their application. Optimum response to fertilisers will only be achieved when weeds, insect pests and diseases are controlled and adequate soil water is available.

Fertiliser use recommendations are presented as a practical guide to good agronomic practice under most situations. Local soil, climatic and other conditions should also be taken into account as these could affect plant response to fertiliser rates and applications.

For further information we recommend you seek advice from your local agronomist.