The strawberry is a member of the rose family that is grown for its juicy, swollen heart shaped fruits. The strawberry plant grows close to the ground and has a short woody stem. The strawberry displays small white flowers that give a pleasant aroma. The greenish white fruits turn to a rich red colour once fully ripened. These berries give off a pleasant fragrance and have a deliciously sweet taste.


  • Plant & Growing Tips:

    Strawberries can be planted in any garden soil from light sand to heavy clay. Ideal soil is well drained, fertile and rich in humus.

    Ideally plant your strawberry in a full sun position.

    The plant grows best in a cool, moist climate that does not do well in warm temperatures.

    Provide a wind sheltered and frost free location. Early spring frosts will pose a hazard for strawberry growers.

    When planting, prepare the soil by digging over, removing any weeds around the plant site, placing the crown at soil level and ensure water in well.

    Your strawberries will benefit from a good watering. To obtain maximum growth, yields and fruit quality, the should never be subject to lack of water. On the other hand, plants will not tolerate waterlogged soils.

    Plant strawberries 35cm apart in rows allowing for 75cm spacing between rows.

    Mulch with straw underneath your plants and around the rows to suppress weeds, retain moisture during the warmer months to protect the shallow roots, and to prevent the fruit from lying on the ground.

    You may need to use a net over your strawberries  to stop birds and foraging animals from eating the fruit.


  • Fertiliser Applications:

    Stage: Pre-plant

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 2-3 cups (400-600g)

    Commercial Use: Up to 600g/site

    Comments: Plough in properly by mid summer. Applied either prior to cover or incorporated when the cover is turned in.


    Stage: Planting

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 1 cup (200g)

    Commercial Use: 150-250g

    Comments: Mix in well with soil in bottom of hole.


    Stage: Side Dressing

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 1¾ cups (150g)

    Commercial Use: 1.5kg/20m row

    Comments: Apply every 3 - 4 weeks from the first heavy flowering onwards. Apply to area where the mulch meets inter-row area.



Please note that the above information and recommendations are provided in good faith and are given without liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of their application. Optimum response to fertilisers will only be achieved when weeds, insect pests and diseases are controlled and adequate soil water is available.

Fertiliser use recommendations are presented as a practical guide to good agronomic practice under most situations. Local soil, climatic and other conditions should also be taken into account as these could affect plant response to fertiliser rates and applications.

For further information we recommend you seek advice from your local agronomist.