Native to southern America, the passionfruit is a strong, vigorous, evergreen, woody vine with deep green, glossy foliage that climbs using clinging tendrils and will grip to almost any support. It has lovely fragrant large white and purple flowers, fruits are leathery skinned, round to oval shaped, yellow or dark purple at maturity with a soft to firm, juicy interior that is filled with many seeds and is either slightly sour or very sweet tasting depending upon variety.

  • Plant & Growing Tips:

    Plant in a warm, sunny position.

    Passionfruit vines are not overly fussy when it comes to soil types as long as it has good drainage. Although, for best results, vines thrive in light to heavy loams with a medium texture.

    If the soil is too acidic, lime should be well worked into the soil. Generally, vines enjoy soil with a pH of 6.5-7.5

    Pruning should begin once a vine reaches 2 years of age. Prune back a couple of the main stems along with some of the dense growth once a year to stimulate new growth and consequently more flower and fruit production.

    Vines need protection from winds.

    Thoroughly soak once a week, increasing to twice during the hot, warmer months. Apply more frequent irrigation as fruits approach maturity.

    Cover surrounding soil with black plastic or shade cloth to maintain good weed control.

    Vines are generally trained to grow up strong wire trellises up to 2m high.

    Organically enrich the soil a month in advance to planting - see pre plant suggestions below.

    Vines are set at various distances according to cultivar. Generally, provide 4.5m between vines and 2m between rows to allow for proper air circulation between plants and to minimise likelihood of disease or problems. 

  • Fertiliser Applications:

    Stage: Pre Plant

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 10 cups (2kg)

    Commercial Use: 2kg/site

    Comments: Apply one month prior to planting to an area 0.8m across at each site and incorporate to about 30cm deep. Plant your passionfruit in mid to late spring.


    Stage: Pre Flowering

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 2 cups (150-250g)

    Commercial Use: Up to 350g

    Comments: Apply when plants commence vigorous growth, every month until flowering, sprinkle fertiliser evenly around the plant.


    Stage: Post Flowering

    Product: Dinofert Organic Fertiliser, Dinofert Standard Pellets

    Gardener Use: 2 ½ cups (500g

    Commercial Use: 500-600g/vine

    Comments: Increase by 20% every year to a maximum of 1kg per fertilising. Sprinkle fertiliser in 60-90cm band, 30cm from row. Apply every 4-6 weeks. For mature vines fertiliser should be spread over the entire inter-row area.


Please note that the above information and recommendations are provided in good faith and are given without liability for loss or damage suffered as a result of their application. Optimum response to fertilisers will only be achieved when weeds, insect pests and diseases are controlled and adequate soil water is available.

Fertiliser use recommendations are presented as a practical guide to good agronomic practice under most situations. Local soil, climatic and other conditions should also be taken into account as these could affect plant response to fertiliser rates and applications.

For further information we recommend you seek advice from your local agronomist.