Dinofert Growers Special is a pelletised organic based combination of fast acting and slow release nutrients, forming a highly productive, all-purpose fertiliser for the commercial growers of horticulture, floriculture and broad-acre field crops.


Key Benefits

  • Organic based fertiliser.
  • Unique blend of slow release organic nutrients and fast acting mineral fertilisers.
  • Contains both fast and slow release nitrogen to give your crops an uplifting boost.
  • Slow release nutrients last longer and will not burn plants as it gently feeds.
  • Adds essential organic matter to replenish soil structure.
  • Enhances moisture retention and aeration of soil.
  • Promotes microbial and earthworm activity.
  • Improves the soil cation capacity resulting in greater nutrient retention.
  • Heat treated to kill weed seeds and to significantly reduce harmful bacteria.
  • Improved soil long term productivity.
  • Consistent, easy spreading product unlike raw poultry manure.
  • Works well in spreaders and air- seeders.
  • Pelletised for convenient application.
  • Contains minimal dust.
  • All year round application.

Package Sizes Available

20kg, 1 Tonne, Loose Bulk

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

Nitrogen (N) As poultry manure
As ammonium
Phosphorus (P) As water soluble
As citrate soluble
As citrate insoluble
Potassium (K) As composted poultry manure 1.60%
Calcium (Ca) As poultry manure 5.50%
Magnesium (Mg) As poultry manure 0.60%
Sulphur (S) As poultry manure 0.50%
Iron (Fe) As poultry manure 0.40%
Copper (Cu) As poultry manure 0.008%
Zinc (Zn) As poultry manure 0.040%
Boron (B) As poultry manure 0.003%
Manganese (Mn) As poultry manure 0.050%
Molybdenum (Mo) As poultry manure 0.0008%

How to use

Directions for use

As a guide one full cup holds on average 200g of product or a 2L ice cream bucket holds approx. 2kg.



  • Always water in well after application.
  • Over time organic and/or organic based fertilisers may start to increase the soil pH,this means special care should be taken when adding fertiliser to alkaline soils.
  • When fertilising natives and acid loving plants, remember to use lower rates and apply less frequently.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Fertilisers contain microorganisms that that may be harmful to your health. Wear gloves and protect eyes from splashing when watering into soil. Use a mask, avoid inhaling product and wash hands immediately after use.

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