It is in our best interests to exceed our customer expectations for value and service, building, maintaining and caring about our customer relationships to to ensure long-term satisfaction.


This is our desire to provide only the best products for the home garden, agricultural and horticultural markets.


To keep our quality and service consistent for our consumers. This is managed through our total quality management principles and business culture.


Remaining innovative, creative and adaptive in order to act upon market changes to keep ahead of competition.


Building motivation, encouraging confidence, stimulating curiosity and exploration, and providing opportunities for choice and discovery in our organisation. Creativity can benefit both the company and our consumers.


The need to foster open communications, listen and understand other perspectives which will improve our results. Feedback is vital for organisational learning, as feedback can result in identification for possible needs for improvement.


Dinofert will maintain a entrepreneurial organisational culture system of shared values, beliefs, attitudes and norms. This involves valuing creativity and innovation to seize market opportunities. The elements of our entrepreneurial culture focus on value creation through innovation and change, and placing emphasis on future ventures.